Google adwords for Amazon listings

If you're wondering how to increase adwords conversion rate and how can you drive more traffic to your Amazon listings? Well, here are some suggestions for that.

  • Try Google Shopping ads - These are the ads that come right at the top when someone searches for a product. The chances for a user to click on these suggestions is quite high.
  • Add contact info on Google text ads, so people can get in touch with you right away. Remember, many times people make an impulse buy, and this is the best way to tap into that impulse.
  • Remarketing ads are a great way to entice a visitor to come back to your site. When a visitor comes to your page, they are undecided if they should buy your product and this is where remarketing ads help.

So, these are some ways to increase adwords conversion rate for Amazon listings.

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Some Statistics

Approximatly 52 % of people buying online choose to click on paid ad atop search engine results.

The average cost-per-click over all industries in Google AdWords on the search network is $2.69.

Social media platforms capture 33 % of the online time.

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