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To make the most of Google adwords, it is important to know the difference between Google ads search and display networks.

In search networks, your ads show up when a potential customer is searching for related keywords while in display network, ads are displayed on websites across the Internet that are trying to make money using Google AdSense.

Understanding the difference between these two networks is highly important to ensure that you're not wasting your money in unproductive clicks.

You should set up your campaign to give the best ROI for you, and this can be tricky to say the least. Even one wrong setting can throw off your entire campaign. So, it is best you use an adwords management software or take the services of an experienced adwords campaign management software to help you get the best ROI.

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Some Statistics

43 % of new customers purchase something they saw in a YouTube ad.

Approximatly 52 % of people buying online choose to click on paid advertisement atop search engine results.

Each $1 paid on PPC campaign, companies earn about $2.

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